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IN MEMES | Dogs & violence - 'Uyajola 99' fans left shook by Eldos episode

Uyajola 99 viewers are still in disbelief over the amount of drama they witnessed on this past Sunday's episode as the confrontational reality show took things to the next level in Eldorado Park.

The show left fans shook on multiple occasions, but they were convinced Sunday's episode deserves a spot on the wall of fame because of how wild the whole thing was.

The participants on the show from Eldos went absolutely crazy and served viewers with everything from insults to physical fights, and even went as far as almost setting real  dogs on Jub Jub and his crew.

There was not a single moment of calm throughout the entire episode as every conversation was passionate and fiery.

Viewers were here for all the drama, of course, and gave Jub Jub props for his bravery.

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