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Load shedding

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  • Stage 4 load shedding after Koeberg unit trips
  • Load shedding schedule for Wednesday: Stage 4 outages are here to stay
  • Eskom: More stage 4 load shedding on Wednesday - and Koeberg repairs could take days
  • UPDATE: Load-shedding moves to Stage 4
  • Eskom escalates load shedding to stage 4
  • Eskom takes it up a notch with stage 2 load shedding today
  • UPDATE: Stage 1 load shedding to last till 5am, Stage 2 kicks in on Tuesday
  • Eskom: Stage 2 load shedding kicks in on Tuesday
  • Load shedding gets worse on Tuesday: Eskom announce further outages
  • Load shedding expected until Thursday - due in part to a big electrical fault at Majuba power station
  • Eskom to implement Stage 1 load shedding from Monday
  • Load shedding schedule: Eskom announce four days of power cuts
  • Load-shedding to resume on Monday morning
  • Stage 1 load shedding makes a comeback on Monday morning
  • Unplanned outages and breakdowns remain high, load-shedding continues to Sunday
  • Eskom to continue with load shedding until Sunday morning
  • Eskom: Load shedding implemented until Saturday
  • Load shedding will have you like
  • Load shedding update: Eskom to implement Stage 2 until Sunday 23 February
  • Stage 2 load shedding on Friday from 9am